Inner chaos

Minds contradicted over a linear purpose,
Every choice seemed a lie,
Thought so much that nothing flourished,
And every emotions were shy.

As everything went wrong and distress prevailed,
Calmness seemed afar,
A way out was all one needed,
But the destination may leave a scar.

Lights will darken in front of your eyes,
When you watch your “will” die,
Then you may realize after a time certain
That you have increased your own burden.

So rise above the constant fear – with your mind sterile,
It may seem difficult at first so close eyes for a while,
The answer you seek is always within you,
Just keep patience, gather your energy and stroll through.



9 thoughts on “Inner chaos

  1. Love it, especially the second stanza ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. You write some good stuff man. I really like the subjects too. ๐Ÿ’œ (entropic heart of support/power) and (chaos/being yourself) I tried giving the path of entropy a symbolic meaning. The support and power was already symbolised with purple and magenta colours. And since entropy is depicted using these colours I thought hey why not XD


    1. Thank you, but what is entropic heart of support and power??


      1. Well its widely known through culture that purple and similar colours stand for power, enlightenment etc. And these same colours are often used to represent entropy(chaos). I use entropy as a point of view, as an ideal. My alias is OrderedEntropy. But since the symbolism of these colours and entropy have a common link, I spread magenta/purple hearts which signify my ideals. (To be yourself and not follow the crowd aka follow the path of entropy (chaos) and to stand strong in your own ideals (the colours))


  3. And love I love spreading love this is symbolised by the heart ofcourse XD


  4. You write with great wisdom and true beauty, Neeldip. Thank you for sharing the depth of you heart, the acuity of you mind, and the profundity of your soul.
    Love to you. Whippoorwill. โค


    1. Thank you so much๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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