Living lie

We all run behind something which we may never catch,
We all wait for something mystical to hatch,
Ain’t this life proving senseless in the voyage of eternal peace,
Ain’t this life knocks on our rusty brain doors to adhere what the only constant is.



12 thoughts on “Living lie

  1. it reads like living die, so….read a new chapter


    1. Can’t get you sir, can you please elaborate.


    2. Still trying to find out the meaning of “read a new chapter”


  2. life isn’t desperate, living beings can be


  3. life exists longer than long, so it survived


  4. be as life, or at least ‘become as life’


    1. The poem I have written is not about becoming as life, it is not a comparison but is about that we are living currently.


  5. …as I read it, ‘living currently’ is ‘living die’. Fine, message is clear.


  6. …prefer a choice in ‘currently’, with respect to your understanding


    1. It is amazing how same words can be understood in a different way by every other person, which makes philosophy so diverse otherwise we all would have used the 26 characters in a linear way with the same meaning every time.

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      1. you are a philosopher, chapeau

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sir, I will consider this as appreciation for the time being.


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