Time shall come….

Time shall come for us to rejoice,
Beyond the mistake of every choice,
Time shall come to forgive the last,
As only ashes remain after the fires blast,
Time shall come to laugh again,
Not like shadows, but with a child’s brain,
Time shall come to make our world,
Just like the place before it was burnt.


19 thoughts on “Time shall come….

  1. Deep 👌


  2. nicely done, Sir. one tiny editing note, easily remedied: you omitted an apostrophe in “fires blast. the blast belongs to the fire so there should be a possessive apostrophe. sorry for being so picky. . . j


    1. Thank you for such discriptive analysis and appreciation 👍


  3. A good poesy. God bless you.

    read my poems /posts if interested. rgds BRIJKAUL

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      1. Spicy pickled cabbage, the national dish of Korea. Just an expression used when I was in the USAF!

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      2. Oh that’s good to know, thank you👍👍

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  4. Great! Sort of like Paradise Regained compressed into a lyric.

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    1. Don’t know that “paradise regained” is but thank you😇

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      1. It’s an epic poem by John Milton, English poet of the seventeenth century.

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      2. Oh, would surely take a look at it, thanks👍


  5. Lovely ❤
    Thanks for the ‘Follow’! 😀


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