A journey till nowhere

I started to walk on tender grass,
Where my every fall was handled fast,
Dancing with fireflies made absolute sense,
As I was in the clear outside the fence.

I strolled until the path diverged,
Where before me possibilities emerged,
And I had to do what I’d never done,
As now making choices weighted a ton.

I reached at a point running tough,
Where I saw a mirror brittle enough,
Whose reflection had me crumble inside,
As what I had made was just paper pile.

What I could recall was now abundant,
With glimpses of light and shades of burnt,
But I opted to watch the fireflies,
As time was a servant of my eyes.



5 thoughts on “A journey till nowhere

  1. Gracefully written, the line “As what I had made was just paper pile” spoke to me especially. Great work.

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  2. It sounds very dreamlike.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dreams are often turned into reality.

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